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American Idol’s Ashthon Jones was eliminated from the top 13!

Ashthon Jones was the first of the American Idol top 13 to get the ax on this week’s American Idol.

Ashton Jones says goodbyeAmerican Idol kicked off its top 13 show this week. Unfortunately for ousted contestant Ashthon Jones, it wasn’t the outcome she was hoping for.

Ashthon Jones sat in the bottom three with Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinart on Thursday evening, hoping for a miracle that didn’t happen.

Ashthon Jones definitely can sing and her attitude is not lacking, so what was her downfall? Some would argue she chose a song that didn’t do anything for her pipes. Jones took on the song When You Tell Me That You Love Me, to less than stellar reviews and she even admitted she could have picked a more known song.

Jones, who was one of the judges’ wildcard picks, also has a tendency to be a bit overconfident which might have put America off.

On an unrelated note, we learned Casey Abrams was in the hospital with an unknown illness. Fortunately for Abrams, he made it through to the next round — there really wasn’t any doubt that he would. The man is just too good. We wish him a fast and speedy recovery.

Did you think that Ashthon Jones deserved to be sent home from American Idol? Who is your favorite now that we are into the top 12?

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