Mars Needs Moms creators chat

Simon and Wendy Wells have created what they call “a true family film,” which was spawned from a story by family friend Berkeley Breathed, who took a real situation of his child fighting with his wife and turned it into a Pulitzer Prize-winning book. His friends have now brought it to the big screen in Mars Needs Moms.

Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms stars Seth Green, Dan Fogler and Joan Cusack and they are joined on occasion by the Wells’ two children.

Simon Wells is equally adept at directing live action as animation.

Whether it’s The Time Machine or The Prince of Egypt, his helming skills are more than established.

His wife, Wendy Wells, while raising their two kids, wrote the Mars Needs Moms script.

At our screening, the couple grabbed the microphone to pass out thank yous and their connection, both professionally and personally, was crystal clear.

Simon and Wendy Wells are a match made in heaven.

Simon and Wendy Wells: When couples make movies


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