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Carla Gugino’s Elektra Luxx advice

Carla Gugino is Elektra Luxx and as the character featured in the film of the same name, Gugino has taped a series of advice videos with the film’s director that supports the movie and also provides needed answers to “reader” submitted questions.

Carla Gugino

In Elektra Luxx, Carla Gugino plays a woman who has recently left the adult film industry and seeks to make a better life for herself. She immediately finds work as a sex education teacher at a local community college. It is in that premise that Gugino and Elektra Luxx writer-director Sebastian Gutierrez found the idea for the video vignettes featuring Elektra Luxx answering questions about love and life that no one else is comfortable enough to handle.

We are proud to exclusively present the fourth in the Elektra Luxx video series, entitled Elektra Answers Everything. The entire series is available on the official Elektra Luxx YouTube page.

In our premiere episode of Elektra Answers Everything, check out Gugino in full character taking questions and giving her own unique take on the answers.

In the film Elektra Luxx, Gugino’s character finds herself in the middle of a very complicated time in her life. She has just left “the industry” and while working as the sex ed teacher, she discovers she’s pregnant with a late rock star’s baby. Soon after, Elektra is drawn into some compromising positions at the request of an old friend in exchange for “lost” song lyrics from her deceased beau.

Elektra Luxx features an all-star cast including Gugino, Malin Akerman, Emmanuelle Chriqui, new Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki, Timothy Olyphant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Elektra Answers Everything exclusive clip

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