Charlie Sheen’s half-apology to Jon Cryer

Charlie Sheen is offering an apology to Jon Cryer — sort of. According to Sheen, it’s more of a half-apology.

Charlie Sheen isn’t issuing any apologies where his former Two and a Half Men boss Chuck Lorre is concerned. He will, however, offer his own version of an apology for taking jabs at costar Jon Cryer that included calling him a troll.

Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer in Two and a Half Men

On Wednesday morning, Sheen told radio station K-EARTH 101, “I’ll apologize to Jon right now. I was in a mood and I threw that out to somebody. I didn’t know they — well I kinda knew they were gonna print it. Yeah, I knew they were gonna print it. I confuse myself.”

Hold on, Sheen wasn’t done quite yet. “It’s a little bit of a half-apology. An apol,” he explained. “The reason I was upset is because I didn’t get a text or a phone call or anything saying, ‘Hey, dude, back off, I got your back, or you got my back or there’s a back involved.'”

Jon Cryer hasn’t responded to Charlie Sheen’s comments as of yet, but privately, sources are saying he has tried to contact Sheen.

Do you think Charlie Sheen was just having a moment and should be forgiven for calling Jon Cryer a turncoat? We certainly hope Duckie isn’t putting too much thought into the comments.


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