Charlie Sheen airs final Sheen's Korner with disdain for bosses!

Mar 9, 2011 at 11:18 a.m. ET

Charlie Sheen has aired his final episode of the colorful platform he dubbed Sheen's Korner. He used his final show to address his firing from Two and a Half Men.

Is anyone else seriously bumming over the fact that Charlie Sheen has signed off on his last episode of Sheen's Korner? Sheen used his fourth and final episode ofSheen's Korner to once again blast his critics and call out Chuck Lorre.

Charlie Sheen on his final Sheen's Corner

The actor called his firing fromTwo and a Half Men "illegal and unconscionable" during his last webcast on Tuesday. He added, "What has occurred, yes, in fact is a completely and entirely illegal and unconscionable act. Or, to quote my lawyer, 'really (expletive) suck suck.'" We're going to miss those sweet words Charlie Sheen whispered during his Sheen's Korner discussions.

Sheen didn't hold anything back in regards to his former boss Les Moonves. "Less than Goonves," Sheen said during the webcast. "Part scoundrel, part my hair to side. Screw Les, I proclaimed, or better yet -- screw more. You gave me your word but in turn gave me nothing."

But he really went for the jugular with Chuck Lorre, or as Charlie Sheen likes to call him: "Chuck E. Cheeseball" and "(expletive) Lorre."

"Can you smell your smell? Can you smell your rotting dog (expletive), your fermented puke that is your rotted viscera?" Sheen said. "Can you smell the lies, can you smell the carnage you've created? Can you smell the wimpy, scared child you'll never have the courage to embrace? It smells like malaria. If sad and stupid had a smell attached it would be you, (expletive) Lorre. It's perfect your name rhymes with suck, muck. You picked a fight with a warlock, you little worm."

Don't even get him started on the idea that he'll be replaced on Two and a Half Men. "Good luck putting those tin-can (expletive) brain (words) in the mush-mouth of some arrogant carcass you've traded for this warlock," he challenged.

After 16 minutes of telling it like it is, he parted with his final words. "Sheen's Korner is now for sale as a sports bar," he said. "You know where to find me. I bid you adieu ... See you soon on the battlefield."

Charlie Sheen's final Sheen's Korner