Amanda Seyfried speaks!

Red Riding Hood rides again onscreen and with Amanda Seyfried portraying the title character, Gary Oldman doing his medieval best and Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) directing, Seyfried told us that audiences should be prepared for this Red Riding Hood to rock.

When it comes to the roles she has chosen to send her rocketing career upwards, Amanda Seyfried has turned heads in Mean Girls, warmed audiences’ hearts in Mamma Mia, sizzled in Chloe and broken hearts in the big screen adaptation of the Nicolas Sparks book, Dear John.

Amanda Seyfried stars in Red Riding Hood

With Red Riding Hood, Seyfried was ready to sink her teeth into an iconic role that she believes speaks to women as much today as it did seven centuries ago. In the Catherine Hardwicke-directed adaptation, she has strayed a bit off of the Grimm Brothers fairy tale path to give a unique take on an iconic fairy tale.

Amanda Seyfried: Red Riding Hood ahead of her time

SheKnows: Would you say your Red Riding Hood is a modern woman?

Amanda Seyfried: Well, yeah, and we added majorly contemporary elements to it, like a love triangle and the coming of age element to it. It’s very contemporary how she’s dealing with her parents and the man she loves and the man that she was (betrothed to). Catherine (Hardwicke, director) knows how to work a good coming of age story. You obviously are connected to that youthful kind of essence.

Amanda Seyfried shines in Red Riding Hood

SheKnows: Is it true that director Catherine Hardwicke’s imagining of this Red Riding Hood world was what sold you on making this film?

Amanda Seyfried: I actually didn’t read the script before I met Catherine [laughs]. She had crazy visuals to show me, so I thought how difficult it is to make this old timeless tale into a full-length movie, and she had these great ideas. Then I met with Leonardo DiCaprio (executive producer) and that was it.

What big eyes you have

SheKnows: The scene where you utter the classic lines from Red Riding Hood to Julie Christie, talk about that scene and why you felt it had to be in the script in some manner.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried: We had to use that and it didn’t seem to fit in any place except for something that was sort of like a dream. I think it works really well because that’s the iconic piece of the narrative. To do it with Julie Christie with prosthetics, big teeth and huge pupils, it was really cool the way we did it and we kind of used that lens where you just focus in on one thing. I think that’s the only way we could have done it, really, that would’ve worked and didn’t feel kind of stupid that we just threw it in there because we had to. It was just perfectly designed.

Amanda on becoming Red Riding Hood

SheKnows: What was it like to put that cape on the first time?

Red Riding Hood is directed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke

Amanda Seyfried: It was kind of a big deal when the cape came onto the set because it’s its own character, because it’s the most iconic piece of the story. Then after a while it wasn’t really a big deal. I just got sick of it because it’s really heavy. It was so beautifully designed. It took a lot of time to make that cape really beautiful.

Amanda SeyfriedSheKnows: Do you know why they dropped the “little” from the title, Red Riding Hood?

Amanda Seyfried: The size of my breasts [laughs].

SheKnows: Do you think your Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy tale damsel in distress?

Amanda Seyfried: I separated from the usual damsel in distress, which is in most fairy tales, to somebody that’s completely not in distress at all. She’s this young, strong female that’s going through her life and realizing her sexuality and kind of trying to navigate herself through young adult life in this medieval village. So that’s how I kind of wanted to start playing it. Of course, she’s the heroine in the movie. It centers on her, so she needs to have balls. That was really attractive because I like playing women that have just no fear. Especially in the circumstances, she’s pretty brave.


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