Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa are co-marshals of Mardi Gras parade

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa got the honor of being grand marshals at the Mardi Gras Endymion parade Sunday night.

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa were the grand marshals during the famous Mardi Gras parade on Sunday night. The pair was seen throwing beads and waving to fans on St. Charles Avenue as the float made its final stop in the Garden District.

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa at Mardi Gras

Cooper told his fans on Twitter that he would be taking part in the famous parade, and posted this picture of himself with Ripa.

“With Kelly Ripa on endymion float. We’ll be in parade Sunday night as well.”

The Endymion Ball was held Saturday night at the New Orleans Convention Center. Cooper and Ripa both attended the event which cost $310 per couple and featured performances by Train and Pat Benatar.

The Endymion parade was originally slated for Saturday, however, it had to be rescheduled to Sunday due to rain and the threat of a hurricane.

After the event, Cooper took to Twitter. “I was honored to be asked to be in the parade, and it was an amazing time. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole parade route.”

Cooper covered New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina disaster but is now back in the city during much happier times.


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