Nicolas Cage in New Orleans bust-up

Nicolas Cage had to be escorted back to his hotel by New Orleans police after a mysterious scuffle at a chi-chi restaurant ended with a broken window.

Nicolas Cage - WENN

Nicolas Cage is starting Mardi Gras off with a bang! The actor was escorted back to his New Orleans hotel by police for his own safety after management at Stella on Chartres Street reported a window was broken.

“We can confirm that we did respond to an incident at that location on Friday night at around 10:45 p.m. and that Mr. Cage needed some assistance to go back to his hotel,” Officer Juan Barnes told RadarOnline.

“A window was found to be broken at the restaurant but the owners decided it was an internal matter and that they would handle it. There was no formal complaint or charge written-up.”

Police wouldn’t confirm or deny if Cage had been hitting the bottle prior to the incident or if he was the one that broke the window. Restaurant management had no comment and refused to press charges.

It is not out of the realm of possibilities that Nicolas Cage was absolutely wasted and acting like a fool, after all, he does have a history. Last December, the Drive Angry actor was caught on tape having his own special Charlie Sheen moment outside of a Romanian nightclub, screaming, “Get in that car and walk away! I’ll (expletive) die because of honor. I’ll (expletive) die right now! Don’t touch me you little (expletive)!”

“See my eyes! Respect them as you’d respect me!”

Can’t wait to see what he does to celebrate Fat Tuesday.


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