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Jeweler sells Lindsay Lohan tape

The jeweler accusing Lindsay Lohan of stealing a necklace sold the store surveillance tape, putting the entire case in jeopardy.

Lindsay Lohan

The most crucial piece of evidence in the Lindsay Lohan necklace theft case could wind up putting the entire proceeding in jeopardy after the store owner sold it to the media.

The store surveillance tape purporting to show Lindsay Lohan stealing a $2500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store was sold by the store owner for more than $35,000 — right out from under the noses of both Lindsay’s legal team and the prosecution!

The video shows Lindsay taking off one of her own necklaces, putting the piece in question on in plain view of the store owner and having a long conversation while still wearing it. It also shows Lindsay and the owner exchanging warm goodbyes with the necklace in plain view. There is no audio.

What it does not show is the owner chasing after Lindsay or making any kind of fuss over her leaving with the necklace.

Regardless of content, the sale of the video raises larger issues that could be very hurtful to the prosecution, namely: Was this whole thing nothing more than a bid for publicity?

The store owner says she’s merely trying to recoup business losses caused by negative publicity. A rep for the store told RadarOnline, “Customers have stayed away from the store because of the paparazzi and the controversy.”

“There were literally thousands of media inquiries asking for the release of the video which is not secret evidence. The video would have been released during the trial anyway, as was stated by several prominent criminal attorneys.”

Any media outlet can buy a license to the tape through the Associated Press.

This greedy move could be the best thing that’s happened to Lindsay in a long time — there is already precious little evidence in the case, and a jury could easily be convinced that the jeweler set the whole thing up for publicity and profit.

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