Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen custody war brewing

Denise Richards doesn’t trust ex-husband Charlie Sheen and fears for the safety of their daughters, six-year-old Sam and five-year-old Lola. In response, Sheen is threatening a custody war.

Denise Richards and daughters Sam and Lola

Denise Richards is reportedly “disgusted” at her ex-husband Charlie Sheen and his erratic behavior. She thinks he is “unstable” and she does not want his goddesses near their daughters Sam and Lola because of allegations that they use drugs.

In fact, Richards tweeted: “No ‘adult film star’ will be babysitting our kids!”

TMZ is reporting that Sheen even threatened Richards, telling Brooke Mueller that he “violently” hated Richards and was going to “have her hair shaved off.” He was apparently upset that Richards refused to sit for a photo shoot with him, the goddesses, ex-Brooke Mueller and all of the kids.

When Richards refused, he allegedly started sending her “vicious text messages.” Sheen has gone on the attack and is threatening to go to court to change the custody order. TMZ is reporting that he is “accusing her of being an awful mother, a loser and wishing her a slow death.”

Mueller is also in a custody dispute with Sheen over their twins Bob and Max. She backed out of their custody deal because he was talking to the media about it.

And the Charlie Sheen saga continues…

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