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Charlie Sheen joins Twitter nation!

After a few days of seeing Charlie Sheen provide the world with some of the best quotes known to man, we can revel in a new way to get our updates — Twitter! Charlie Sheen is now a member of the Twitter world!

Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Charlie Sheen doesn’t need a publicist to speak for him, he’s got a new way to get his message out to the masses — Twitter! Charlie Sheen joined the popular social networking site on Tuesday with an interesting bio: An unemployed winner.

Okay, this is going to get even more interesting now that we don’t have to wait to hear about life according to Sheen — we can get updates directly to our computers and phones.

The most watched man in television, because of Two and a Half Men and his antics, has reportedly gained 300,000 followers within hours of his first Twitter posting.

So, what did Charlie Sheen’s first tweet look like? “Winning! Choose your Vice,” he wrote.

Charlie Sheen has recently been using a number of news programs to continue his war of words with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, so his use of Twitter won’t go unwatched. We wonder if this will help his $3 million an episode plan.

In terms of his image, Sheen recently told Howard Stern, “I don’t have much of a reputation left to ruin.”

Will you be following Charlie Sheen on Twitter? Is it bad to say we will be? Because it’s just too good not to!

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