The Bachelor's Brad Womack chooses his final two ladies!

Mar 1, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Emily, Chantal and Ashley traveled to South Africa with Brad Womack for a safari getaway on The Bachelor but it wasn't all animals and love for the final three.

The Bachelor star Brad Womack and his final three ladies, Emily, Chantal and Ashley traveled to South Africa for a trip filled with elephants, lions and heartbreaking decisions. Who's going on and who's going home? Read on to find out.

The Bachelor heads to South Africa

The Bachelor: Chantal and Brad

Brad and Chantal began their date with a magical safari. The two took in lions, giraffes and even a few elephants. The couple picnicked while watching hippos in the water. It was all kind of boring aside from the animals. We get the point, they're comfortable with each other.

As the day moved on, they discussed how much they loved each other and Chantal warned Brad if he proposes they have to get married! No, stalling. Here's where things heated up. He offered her the fantasy suite invitation. Forget dinner, they went straight for dessert.

The Bachelor: Emily and Brad

Brad surprised Emily with a pretty cool elephant ride, which also happens to be her dream date -- go figure. The two gushed over how much her young daughter would love the baby elephants.

During lunch, Brad and Emily talked about their conflicted hometown date and her desire to have Rikki get to know him more. Brad assured Emily he's ready for it all. Surprise, surprise, Emily also got the fantasy suite invite, but she put the breaks on anything other than getting to know each other more.

The Bachelor: Ashley and Brad

Ashley freaked out when Brad attempted to get her in a helicopter, which isn't surprising considering it seems to be every girl's first reaction. Once he finally got her to agree to get in it, the two set out for a picnic. Here's where the trouble began. They discussed Ashley's future plans and her ideas on moving to Austin with Brad should they end up together. Brad began to wonder if Ashley's need to have it all could really work. She's independent and wants a career but she'd have to move to Austin, so would that work out? Despite his reservations, he gave her the fantasy suite key.

South African rose ceremony

During the rose ceremony, Brad pulled Ashley aside to discuss their differences and more specifically her thoughts on her own future. He decided to let her go before the actual ceremony to spare her feelings. They just weren't on the same page.

So the final two are Emily and Chantal!

Who do you think Brad will pick when he sees them both in Cape Town two weeks from now? Tune in to find out on the finale of The Bachelor.