Lady Gaga debuts Born This Way video!

Feb 28, 2011 at 4:20 p.m. ET

Lady Gaga has released her Born This Way video and, as expected, it's one wild ride. Gaga's Born This Way video sets the mood with a retro sci-fi intro that recounts the birth of her loving monsters and evil, and the ensuing war between them. Using fierce imagery, the Born This Way video goes over the top with trippy costumes and makeup, birth scenes and dancing -- while never losing sight of Gaga's message of acceptance.

"You did it Monsters! Born This Way is number one in 14 countries and we were number one again on Hot 100! Thank you for believing!" Lady Gaga tweeted yesterday and now, the Born This Way video has officially landed!

Lady Gaga's Born This Way video has premiered!

The mini-movie combines sci-fi camp with Gaga's signature style, featuring wild costumes and makeup, risque images, positive messages and dancing. It starts with a gay pride triangle in space and after a unicorn makes an appearance, a kaleidoscope of graphic images unfolds, many of them centered between Gaga's legs.

The music and imagery, reminiscent of Superman's spinning Phantom Zone, quickly evolve into a swirl of Gaga graphics as a voiceover from the Lady herself reveals, "This is the manifesto of Mother Monster." Hands reach into Mother Monster's womb to help her give birth to "the new race, a race within the race of humanity, a race which bears no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom."

That "cosmic birth" is followed by the birth of evil and according to Gaga's tweets, this all happens on "G.O.A.T: A government owned alien territory in space," where a war is borne between Gaga's accepting, loving little monsters and evil.

In addition to all the space action, Gaga gets her dance on, wearing a bra and underwear. The video also features a scary but dapper skeleton couple, space fetuses and severed heads, with Mother Monster and Evil Gaga watching over it all from their thrones -- which are somewhat reminiscent of birthing stirrups.

By the end of it, there's more dancing than space theme to Gaga's Born This Way video, which was directed by the Haus of Gaga creative team (Gaga, Nick Knight and Laurieann Gibson) and brings new meaning to "out of this world."

Check it out for yourself here and stay tuned: Word is there will be a second video for the acoustic version of the song!

Lady Gaga's Born This Way video