James Franco disappoints as Oscar host

James Franco was a dud of a host at the 2011 Academy Awards.

James Franco

James Franco never seemed very excited about being given the honor of co-hosting the 2011 Academy Awards with fellow actor Anne Hathaway, and his performance showed he would rather cut off his own arm than work a crowd of his peers.

Unlike Ricky Gervais, who ripped his crowd to shreds without a care in the world and became an instant hero to the rest of the non-celebrity world after hosting the Golden Globes and graciously prepared a tongue-in-cheek monologue for Franco’s maiden Oscar voyage, Franco himself seemed like he would have rather been doing laundry than working the most plumb gig of the year.

But his attitude was not wholly unexpected. Just a few weeks ago he voiced his blase attitude to Vanity Fair.

“It’s fine, it’s like one night,” he said. “So, it doesn’t matter. Like, if I host the worst Oscar show in the history of the Oscars, like, what do I care, you know what I mean? I’ll try my best, but I don’t see any shame.”

Ask Rob Lowe about making Oscar history for falling on his face. The difference? At least Rob Lowe tried. James Franco barely even showed up.


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