Alex Pettyfer’s fiery Beastly premiere

The same night Alex Pettyfer celebrated the premiere of his new film Beastly, a small fire was burning in his home.

Alex Pettyfer

Last night, a small fire broke out in the garage of Alex Pettyfer.

A rep for his ex-girlfriend (and maybe fiance) Dianna Agron told Entertainment Tonight, “There was an electrical fire in the garage while no one was home. The house was not burned. No one was hurt.”

It was bad timing as Alex was on his way to the premiere of his new film Beastly, a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Beastly also stars Vanessa Hudgens as the Beauty.

Pettyfer was reportedly late to the premiere but it apparently had nothing to do with the fire. A recent story in Us Magazine has painted the actor in a not so flattering light.

The details of his supposed break-up with Agron are chronicled as is an alleged freak-out at a Hollywood party where there were studio heads attending.

Beastly will hit theaters March 4.


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