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Hot new book series: The Iron Fey series

Tension comes to a boiling point in Julie Kagawa’s third novel in the Iron Fey series, The Iron Queen. In The Iron Queen, with an ongoing war, enemies become allies and survival instincts take over.


This series is a great read for anyone who has fallen head over heels for fantasy fiction books. We all love vampires and werewolves, but with the Iron Fey series you will have a new supernatural passion — faery. Julie Kagawa artfully develops a world you won’t want to leave.

With war brooding, romances igniting, and characters of all shapes, sizes and origins, there is a lot to know about the series, so to help bring everyone up to speed, Kagawa has provided a list of things you should know about The Iron Queen.

5 Things To Know About The Iron Queen

1. The third book in the popular Iron Fey series, The Iron Queen debuted on the New York Times bestseller list.

2. Characters include a powerful female heroine, unforgettable heroes, evil faery rulers, banished half-human troublemakers and an opinionated feline advisor.

3. Author Julie Kagawa drew inspiration for the Iron Fey series and its intricately drawn worlds from her love of anime and video games.

4. The love triangle in the Iron Fey series has inspired passionate debate — do you like your men fiery and mischievous (Team Puck) or stoic and brooding (Team Ash)? In Iron Queen, Meghan finally makes a decision about the men in her life.

5. The Iron Queen examines duty to family, friends, the past and the future — with a lot of romance, intrigue and snark along the way!

julie kawaga

About The Iron Queen

Meghan Chase thought they’d left Faery behind forever, but pressing matters cause the three exiles to be summoned to war. A new alliance is made, along with a few contracts, of course, and Meghan, half Summer faery princess, half human, is pressed to choose Fey over her mortal beginnings. Will she abandon her human heart for an iron will that will help her survive? For as Meghan can confirm — in real life, unlike books, faery tales don’t necessarily have happy endings.

For more on Julie Kagawa and her books, check out the Iron Fey Facebook page.

Also make sure you check out the book trailer for The Iron Queen.

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