Private Practice preview: Two Steps Back

Tonight on Private Practice: Two Steps Back, Violet deals with backlash over her tell-all book while grandparents Sam and Naomi spend some time together and Charlotte and Cooper continue to work on their relationship.

Audra McDonald in Private Practice

On tonight’s Private Practice, the docs at Oceanside get a chance to preview the newest version of Violet’s book, only to learn their personal lives are part of the “all” in “tell-all.” Her editor told her to dig deeper after the last draft, and Violet is excited to finally get some feedback from her friends.

Not going to happen! Violet’s portrayal of her colleagues falls somewhere between too honest and completely exaggerated, depending on who’s grumbling. The results leave her friends feeling betrayed, angry and in Amelia’s case, “blinded by near murderous rage.” Even Pete, who feels unfairly exposed, hates the manuscript.

Addison (Kate Walsh) is still back home dealing with her mother’s passing, which gives her and Sam some much-needed time apart. It also means Sam and Naomi get a chance to bond over their grandparent duties while enjoying a sunset together. With the exes teamed up on a case involving a pregnant teen with Down’s Syndrome, AddiSam fans might be worried. Audra McDonald (Naomi) is leaving next season, so a reunion isn’t in the cards, but a fling certainly wouldn’t be any better for the AddiSam romance.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Cooper open up in couple’s therapy and their secrets rock their relationship, but the pair struggles to find a way to forgive each other.

Private Practice: Two Steps Back airs tonight, Thursday, February 24 at 9 pm, after a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Private Practice: Two Steps Back preview clip


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