Carrie Underwood banned from Ottawa radio station

An Ottawa, Ontario, radio station is a bit miffed about Mike Fisher’s trade to the Nashville Predators — and they’re banning Carrie Underwood songs as a punishment!

A radio station in Ottawa, Ontario, is not happy that Mike Fisher — better known as Carrie Underwood’s hockey-playing husband — was traded to the Nashville Predators. How upset? Well, they’re angry enough to ban all Carrie Underwood songs from their station.

Carrie Underwood banned from Ottawa radio station

Kiss 105.3 FM called Fisher’s departure a “betrayal to our community” and charged that he “was lured away from Ottawa by a country-music superstar.”

Pretty sure he’s a big boy that can make his own decisions, but OK.

So, are they for real or is it just a good publicity stunt? Either way, Fisher, 30, is not amused.

“I heard about it right away and Carrie heard about it and she was extremely disappointed and frustrated,” Fisher told the Vancouver Sun. “I think they meant it as a joke that really wasn’t funny.”

“I don’t know if it was for attention or not, but obviously Carrie had nothing to do with the move or the trade or anything so to imply something like that was just wrong,” he continued.

So what was behind Fisher’s move to the Predators?

“To be honest, I was praying a few days before about it,” he said. “I was just so frustrated and said ‘God, if you have me go somewhere take care of it, look after it,’ and he sure did that.”

“He put me in a place I was comfortable with and I think that’s part of reason that this is the place I’m supposed to be and that’s comforting for sure.”

And hey, it’s totally convenient move for the couple — why shouldn’t they want to live together? Underwood’s career is hot and she needs to be where the action is — in Nashville.

As for the radio station? Well, they got their 15 minutes of fame — but we really doubt it’ll have any impact on Underwood’s career. Who’s the butt of the joke now?

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