Foo Fighters debut new single

The Foo Fighters just released Rope the latest single from their upcoming album Wasting Light. Listen and weigh-in with your thoughts!

We’re feeling a bit amped today and now we know why – the Foo Fighters just debuted their new single. The song, Rope, is the latest from their upcoming album Wasting Light and it feels a lot like rock from days gone by.

Foo Fighters debut new single

Wasting Light, out April 12, is the band’s seventh release and marks a return to their classic sound and high-octane riffs. They worked on the album with former Nirvana producer Butch Vig and even recorded it in Dave Grohl’s garage.

“We soundproofed the garage door so that my neighbors wouldn’t call the cops,” Grohl said about recording process. “There’s 11 songs and front to back, there’s not one sleepy ballad.”

Rope will officially launch on March 1 – and Foo Fighter fans that pre-order the album on iTunes will receive the single as a free gift. The song follows the success of another Foo Fighters single, White Limo, featuring Motorhead’s Lemmy.

Listen to Foo Fighters’ Rope

Rope by Foo Fighters

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