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Glee recap: Blame It on the Alcohol

Glee sipped the happy juice this week as Brittany stripped, Rachel kissed Blaine and Mr. Schuester rode a bull. In the end, they did what everyone does — Blame It on the Alcohol.

Before the critics get out of hand and slam Glee for its adult antics on this week’s episode, Blame It on the Alcohol, we must say, if anyone watched the last 10 minutes, Glee should be getting a standing ovation.

Glee Blame It on the Alcohol

It was alcohol awareness week on this week’s episode of Glee, so who better to sing about the dangers of alcohol than Will Schuester’s (Matthew Morrison) New Directions? Oh, and who better to try and put Mr. Schuester in AA than Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)?

Glee: The house party

Rachel (Lea Michele) decided she couldn’t perform at the school’s assembly about alcohol awareness if she’s never had a drink. With her two dads out of town, Puck (Mark Salling) helped her throw a massive party. All the usual teen rebellion was present. They broke into the liquor cabinet, Brittany stripped for Artie and they all swapped spit in the greatest game of spin the bottle since seventh grade. Of course you can’t play spin the bottle without a bit of controversy. Who did Rachel Berry lock lips with? Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) kind of boyfriend, Blaine (Darren Criss)! This set off the best 30-minute hag in love with a gay guy story ever! The two even got down and dirty in a drunk karaoke mess of Don’t You Want Me.

Three days later and everyone was still hungover! They couldn’t decide on what song to sing for the assembly but according to the principal it would be something from Ke-dollar sign-ha. The group sung an awesome version of Blame It on the Alcohol for practice but it’s a no-go. Coach Beiste decided Mr. Schuester needed a break, so it’s on to her favorite place in the world — a honky tonk bar.

Glee: Honky tonk and kissing fools

Rachel asked Blaine out on a real date and Kurt was not happy about it. He blasted Blaine for going out with a girl when he’s clearly gay. Blaine was hurt by Kurt’s non-support of finding himself. After snooping for information on their date, Kurt finds out they didn’t kiss. Rachel thought they were perfect for each other. She agreed to kiss Blaine without the beer goggles to see if they feel the spark.

Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste got wasted at a honky tonk bar where everyone wears cowboy hats and rides a bull. Mr. Schuester drunk dials Emma and professes how much he cares about her and basically asks her over to his apartment for a booty call — oops turns out he didn’t dial Emma’s number.

Glee: Blame it On the alcohol

The assembly got underway and New Directions knocked back some weird booze to calm their nerves. They’re sailing through Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, when they start throwing up on each other — obviously from the alcohol.

Glee Blame It on the Alcohol

The next day, Sue plays the recording of Mr. Schuester drunk dialing over the loud speaker for complete public humiliation. Yeah, never good to accidently drunk dial Sue instead of Emma.

The principal called the students to his office, including their fearless leader. Turns out, the kids of McKinley High were scared straight by the throwing up on stage and he thought it was all special effects for the assembly. No one is in trouble.

Rachel met Blaine for coffee with Kurt watching. She lays one on him and the two feel nothing. Blaine now knows he’s gay — and Rachel? Well, Rachel is excited she had her first affair with a gay man. It’s so Broadway!

Back in the glee room, Mr. Schuester handed the kids a contract that says they will not drink while preparing for regionals and if they do, his number is on the paper. They have to call him for a ride if they do.

Okay, that’s the way to deal with underage drinking, people! You can make them aware, you can take it out of your house, but you can’t hide it from them forever. You just have to take the necessary measures to make sure they’re safe.

What did you think of Glee’s tribute to witches’ brew? Did you agree with Blame It on the Alcohol’s message?

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