Jessica Hahn gets a verbal smackdown on The View

Feb 22, 2011 at 3:53 p.m. ET

Jessica Hahn tried to challenge Barbara Walters on Tuesday's The View and was treated to a verbal smackdown by the veteran journalist. What did Hahn say that got Walters so up in arms?

Jessica Hahn was sadly mistaken if she thought she'd have a sympathetic panel Tuesday morning on The View. Hahn, the former mistress of television evangelist Jim Bakker appeared on the show as a part of their "Where Are They Now?" series -- and she made quite a splash.

Jessica Hahn causes controversy on The View

Hahn took offense when co-host Sherri Sheppard commented on Hahn's affair with Bakker -- she insisted that she wasn't the only one with a past.

"This wasn't an affair. Unlike, I don't want to be cruel or anything, in your book Audition you had an affair with a Senator," Hahn said, referring to Barbara Walters' relationship with married Senator Edward Brooke in the 1970s.

Walters didn't take too kindly to her guest's comments.

"This is about you, my dear. this is not about me. OK?" she retorted. "I'm very happy talk about my relationships, but this is about you."

Didn't anyone tell her that you do not mess with Barbara Walters?

Hahn did have a point, but so did Walters -- they were there to talk about Hahn, not Walters' past dalliances. Something tells us she won't be invited back to chat with the chatty ladies anytime soon.

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Who do you side with -- Jessica Hahn or Barbara Walters?