Bethenny Frankel talks rapid post-baby weight loss

Bethenny Frankel says the secret to her incredibly fast post-pregnancy weight loss is nothing more than healthy choices.

Bethenny Frankel

Reality star Bethenny Frankel caught a lot of flack for her extremely rapid post-pregnancy weight loss, but she says she simply took care of herself before, during and after her pregnancy.

“On my tour I had between 1,000 to 1,800 women in a room and I said, ‘Here’s the deal on the international weight loss scandal that I had of mine. How many of you have treated pregnancy like a complete free-for-all binge? Not just eating what you want, but going off the rails saying this is your only time to do this?’ And half the room raised their hands,” Frankel told RadarOnline.

“Anybody who’s a mom knows that gaining 35 pounds by the time you’re giving birth five weeks early isn’t really gaining too little. And everyone who’s had a C-section knows they don’t let you eat for days until you pass gas and you’re in the hospital for six days and there I lost weight. And then I went back to normal,” she laughed.

And about that criticism? Bethenny doesn’t give a hoot.

“I’m not supposed to keep my baby weight on because I’m supposed to make people feel better, and I’m not supposed to lose it because I’m supposed to show anybody how it’s done. I did what I do,” she said.

Whatever she did, her body looks ridiculously amazing.


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