ABC News’ Vinita Nair leaves news for a soap opera

ABC news journalist Vinita Nair announced that she’s leaving World News Now to pursue a different sort of lifestyle. What is she planning to do now?

ABC News journalist Vinita Nair is leaving World News Now to star on a soap opera? That’s the news surrounding the popular journalist’s departure – but she hasn’t signed on for a regular role on One Life to Live.

Vinita Nair leaving ABC News for One Life to Live

Instead, Nair will appear in a small role as a nurse on the popular daytime drama. It’s only a temporary role, for now. But who knows? It could turn into a regular gig, you know how soap opera love to cast beautiful people (and Nair definitely fits into that category!)

“This has been such an incredible journey for me both personally and professionally… three years ago, if somebody had told me I’d anchor network news, I wouldn’t have believed them,” Nair said during her emotional announcement on Friday’s Good Morning America.

And what else is she going to do besides stretching her acting chops on One Life to Live?

“I’m going on a long vacation, and I’m going to sleep a lot,” she said. “I’m not going back to school… I’m going to stick with TV news. This is what I love, and I’ve been so lucky. I’m speechless and honored and so thankful to be a part of this legacy that is World News.”

See? This just proves it’s never to late to go after your dreams!


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