The Vampire Diaries recap: The Dinner Party

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries took us back to a deep dark Stefan time. We also watched the demise of Elijah and the return of Katherine — she’s out of the tomb!

Ian Somerhalder

Elijah has become the character we love to hate and also hate to love on The Vampire Diaries. This week’s episode, The Dinner Party, featured Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) growing obsession with offing The Original, while Elena (Nina Dobrev) learned more about Stefan (Paul Wesley) than she ever thought she would.

While still at the Gilbert lake house from last week’s episode, Elena began peaking into the rest of Johnathan Gilbert’s stashed journals. What she found was a savage part of Stefan’s past. Stefan apparently took his own vampire revenge on the original founding families for Katherine’s (also Nina Dobrev) supposed burning in the church, including an attack on Johnathan Gilbert himself. Stefan was a lot like Damon in those days because of what he had to done to their father. Turns out, Stefan wasn’t over forcing Damon to turn either. Damon was actually the voice of reason in the old days — Damon wanted to live. He didn’t want to watch Stefan throw their secret away.

Stefan ate everything in site back in 1864 and it shook Elena a bit. We did get to see how he met Lexi, which still has us wondering if she’ll come back to undead life. He tried to take her down while she was tending to a wounded Civil War soldier but it didn’t work — she was already a vampire. She mentored him into becoming who he is today. Cue Stefan’s plea to Elena to fight for life just like he did after finding Lexi. The secrets of Stefan’s past are interrupted when they come across a vital piece of information. The dagger Damon was planning to kill Elijah with has to be inserted by a human — uh oh!

Damon visited Katherine in the tomb to find out if the dagger would truly kill Elijah, which he planned to do at a dinner party. She put on a scared front because she is compelled to stay in there until Elijah releases her. If he dies, she won’t get out. If The Original vampire is killed, her compulsion just might end. She’s always got a plan A, B, C, D — well you get the point from early episodes.

The Vampire Diaries: The Dinner Party

Damon’s little party to kill Elijah hits a few snags. Damon, Andie, Alaric, Jenna and Elijah are all there — Uncle John crashes. Damon finds about the dagger and ash truth from Stefan and has to regroup. Alaric ends up being the one to stab Elijah with the dagger and ash but there’s a problem. The dagger has to stay in The Original to keep him dead.

Elijah runs off to the cabin after being crossed, to take it out on Elena. She tries to make another deal but it’s not working. She steps up and says she’ll kill herself and turn. She actually does it! Okay, she doesn’t turn or die, it’s all a trick. Damon actually got to the cabin first and gave her the dagger and ash. Elena plunged it into Elijah when he got close to her — and this time it stayed in.

In the smaller story arc of the episode, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) got a bit closer, but her powers were taken away by Jonas in retaliation for extracting info from Luka’s mind. We’ll see where this goes.

After a conversation with Stefan about how he changed Elena’s mind to fight by talking about Lexi, Damon admits he feels bad for killing Stefan’s BFF. Here comes the weird part. He goes to take a shower and Katherine’s there — coming out of the shower. She always has her way of getting out of a bind, or a tomb. With Elijah’s demise came Katherine’s freedom.

Will Elijah stay dead and will more secrets be revealed next week? Keep watching. What did you think of The Vampire Diaries new episode The Dinner Party?


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