Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson rock Unstoppable

Unstoppable reunited Denzel Washington with director Tony Scott for the fifth time. The action film is a breathtaking ride on a runaway train that is filled with combustible toxic materials and heading straight for a highly populated city in Pennsylvania. The thrills are real, as the story is based on a true tale.

What is so Unstoppable in the Tony Scott film starring Denzel Washington is a half-mile-long freight train. The only chance at stopping the monolithic train is with the help of two men, played by Washington and Star Trek star Chris Pine.

Rosario Dawson in Unstoppable

Washington could not have been more thrilled to re-join with director Scott when he spoke to us about the film. “I have learned and know that I cannot do what he does. What he does is make films. I’ve directed a couple of movies. I’m nowhere near being able to do what he’s doing,” Washington said of working with Scott. “I’ve learned so much from him. I think there’s shorthand. He knows how I like to work. I know what he likes to do. He knows I like research, so he’s going to have a ton of stuff for me long before we start filming.”

Rosario Dawson, who also stars in the film, told us exclusively about the Tony Scott experience and why she wants to start her own streak of films working with the director.

“Every day I was so excited to go to work. He is just delicious and I wanted to do dances around him, I was so happy to be working with him. He’s so much fun, he’s so much energy. He’d come in every morning at 5 or 6, he always had his pastel hat on [laughs] and just made everyone feel important and loved. This is high stakes, huge crew, the biggest diva in the planet on this train and how difficult it was to maneuver and make it work. For all these things, it was a really hard process for Tony — he said it was the most difficult film he ever shot — which is saying a lot,” Dawson said. “Yet, he always had that huge smile on his face.”

As Unstoppable heads home, it is with great pleasure we present an exclusive clip from the film entitled The Size of the Chrysler Building starring our favorite Unstoppable actress, Rosario Dawson.

Unstoppable exclusive clip


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