Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show set for release

It’s Timmy Time on SheKnows as we present an exclusive clip from the wildly popular children’s show. In our exclusive clip, we get an unequaled look at Timmy Steals the Show as Timmy makes his way onto home video.

Timmy is a little lamb whose mind is a sponge as he readies to enter preschool. Fans of Aardman Animations’ hit series Shaun the Sheep will easily recognize Timmy as the youngest lamb on the farm who is frequently drawn into situations where learning a few life lessons is always his way out.

Timmy Time Steals the Show

Timmy will head to preschool to learn more about life and the world around him, while also learning to play nicely with others.

Timmy Time is the first animated series from Aardman geared solely at preschoolers. The stop-motion animation has enjoyed enormous success in its first season overseas and is primed for the spotlight now in the U.S.

Timmy Time episodes each provide a different lesson that most parents will recognize from the experience their preschoolers are learning every day. From Timmy making music, figuring out puzzles, building with blocks and of course, napping, Timmy Time allows children to have their preschool lessons reinforced by the hit show.

In our clip from Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show, SheKnows takes you inside the world of Timmy as no one else can bring you with our exclusive. If the animation or the feel of the clip seems familiar, that is because it is from the same animators as the Academy Award-winning artists behind Wallace and Gromit.

Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show lands on home video on February 22.

Timmy Time exclusive clip: Picnic time


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