Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for sloppy journalism comment

Whoopi Goldberg was upset that she was left out of a New York Times article that talked about African Americans who have won Oscars — and went on a rant, saying they have “sloppy” journalism skills. After cooling down, Goldberg is now apologizing.

whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg went on The View this week, with her Oscar in hand, to talk about how upset she was at being left out of a recent New York Times article talking about African Americans who have won Oscars. They mentioned Halle Berry and Denzel Washington — but no Whoopi. “It’s hard not to take it personally,” she said.

The New York Times issued a statement saying that Goldberg missed the point of their article:

“The error lies with those who are reading the story incorrectly. The point of the piece was not to name every black actor or actress who has been awarded an Oscar, it was to draw a comparison between the number who won prior to 2002 (the year Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won) and those who have won since. And the story states very clearly that in 73 years, prior to 2002, only seven black actors/actresses won Oscars.”

Goldberg won her Oscar in 1990 for the movie Ghost, however, she continued to hold her ground after The New York Times issued this statement.

“You shouldn’t have to read a story five times to get the meaning. It’s an erasure. I’ve made 50 movies, and no mention?” she told USA Today. “It’s sloppy journalism. I’ve said my piece.”

Goldberg changed her mind and told View watchers on Wednesday that she does apologize for calling The New York Times sloppy.

“I said that I felt the reporting was shoddy and for that I’m going to apologize, OK? I personally found the article really confusing, and as I said, I was also quite hurt that Cuba Gooding Jr., Louis Gossett Jr., and myself were not included in this expose about black Hollywood. But for saying it was shoddy reporting, I apologize, New York Times.”


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