Lindsay Lohan appearance on David Letterman a hoax!

Turns out Lindsay Lohan will not be reading a Late Show with David Letterman Top Ten List. Her scheduled February 17 appearance is being reported as a hoax.

Lindsay Lohan not visiting Letterman

Lindsay Lohan will not be making her fifth appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on February 17. Lohan was rumored to be a Top Ten List presenter, but Letterman’s producers are now saying the story is just a hoax from someone inside “Lohan’s camp.”

Has David Letterman been punk’d by Lindsay Lohan? “We made a mistake. Someone purporting to be a friend of Lindsay’s reached out to the show yesterday, allegedly on her behalf, and booked her to appear,” spokesman for World Wide Pants Tom Keaney explained.

He added, “Clearly, this person was not authorized to make commitments on her behalf. We wish Lindsay well, and look forward to having her on the show in the future.”

Lindsay Lohan sent her own apology to fans via her Twitter page on Tuesday night. “I am not going to be doing David Letterman, I’m not sure how this happened, but I am sorry for the confusion,” Lohan tweeted.

We were kind of excited to see Lindsay Lohan make someone else the butt of a joke, but I guess we’ll be waiting a little longer.

Besides her stints in rehab, Lohan’s latest issues stem from a grand theft charge. The starlet was charged with nabbing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store.

David Letterman has been relentless in making Lindsay Lohan a running gag on the show which is why this appearance would have been an audience draw. One memorable jab from David Letterman came during a recent Top Ten List named “Top Ten Signs Lohan Is Out of Control.” One of the top ten signs included, “Friends worry that her shoplifting is getting in the way of her drinking.”

What do you think of the hoax? Should David Letterman keep up with the Lindsay Lohan material even more now?

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