Glee recap: The Justin Bieber Experience

Feb 16, 2011 at 1:04 p.m. ET

On this week's Glee, audiences and the ladies were treated to the Justin Bieber experience, literally!

Glee jumped on the Justin Bieber wagon this week with its all-new episode, Comeback.

The Glee Justin Bieber Experience

Glee and Justin Bieber collided like a perfect storm on the Comeback episode when Sam (Chord Overstreet) formed a one-man tribute band -- the Justin Bieber Experience -- to make sure Quinn (Dianna Agron) forgot all about Finn (Cory Monteith). He got the swooped hair down, the purple jacket down and the sweet voice down, making her swoon. Poor Finn was left eating Sam's dust! Side note, the story around McKinley High was that Quinn saved Finn from choking on a gumball, hence last week's mono -- of course Sam believes the story -- for now.

Soon, the one-man band became four with Puck, Artie and Mike suiting up in their own Bieber matching hoodies. Their motives were clearly girl-driven and even Puck managed to get Lauren's attention.

Sue (Jane Lynch) needed her own comeback after failing to get her Cheerios a victory at regionals last week. She joined glee club per Emma's guidance. Instead of helping, it just fueled her destructive streak. Sue pitted Mercedes and Rachel (Lea Michele) against each other in a diva-off, but it didn't work. It turned into a powerful duet of Rent's Take Me or Leave Me.

Glee: New And Improved Justin Bieber Experience

After hearing the new and improved Justin Bieber Experience of four in all their sexy glory singing Somebody to LoveSantana decided to sink her claws into Sam. She filled his head with doubts about what really went down with Quinn and Finn. She gave Sam a proposition -- her plus him equals getting back at Quinn and Finn.

Puck helped Lauren find the courage to sing a solo and boy was it a solo. After picturing everyone in their underwear, Lauren turned into a sex kitten for a scandalous styling of I Know What Boys Like.

In order to make Sue see what was important, Will (Matthew Morrison) took her to visit kids battling cancer at the local hospital. She returned to glee club with a newfound attitude. She challenged Will to get rid of the Bieber club and let her do her own anthem -- done. Sue and the New Directions gave an inspirational performance of My Chemical Romance's Sing.

Jane Lynch on Glee's Comeback

Two shockers of the night: First, Sam broke it off with Quinn and got with Santana after realizing Quinn and Finn did make out. Second, Sue Sylvester revealed she is the new part-time coach of New Directions' competition, Oral Intensity! Bet you didn't see that coming!

What did you think of Glee's Justin Bieber experience?