Katy Perry premieres wedding video during Grammy performance

Feb 14, 2011 at 2:40 p.m. ET

Katy Perry rocked the Grammy Awards February 13 with her performance of Not Like the Movies and gave the audience a look into her wedding video with Russell Brand.

As Perry descended onto the Grammy Awards stage on a swing, images from her India-set nuptials to Brand showed behind her.

Katy Perry rocks the 2011 Grammy Awards

Katy Perry and Russell Brand married on October 23 in a private ceremony in Northern India. No images of the event have ever been made available to the public -- until now.

Perched on her swing, Perry sang, "I know you're out there and…your love came for me."

Then, the video footage of Perry and Brand's wedding began. Audiences saw the couple exchanging rings as well as Perry having her veil removed as Brand kissed her. Cue the "ahhs."

Perry's Grammy performance was actually out of the ordinary for the singer. Normally she appears in pastel outfits that challenge even the most fashion-forward. But, on this night, Perry chose a soft, princess-like dress for her onstage performance.