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Lady Gaga rocks Born This Way at the Grammys!

Lady Gaga gave her first live performance of her new single Born This Way on music’s biggest stage — the Grammy Awards.

Everyone was buzzing over Lady Gaga’s chosen method of Grammy arrival — an egg. It all made sense, however, when the artist hit the stage to deliver Born This Way’s live debut.

Lady Gaga performs Born this Way at the Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga shocked fans when she released the new single two days early and after seeing her live stage performance of Born This Way we couldn’t have been happier about the decision — here’s why.

When Lady Gaga emerged onto the Grammy stage straight from the vessel known as the egg (aka — being born) amidst an army of dancers clad in neutral costumes and the music started pumping, it was a different experience compared to hearing it on the radio. Lady Gaga, herself, portrayed an artistic expression of “being born this way” with her choice, or lack thereof, of sheer costuming — all referencing the “born this way” aesthetic. Her dance moves were so in tune with the message of the song it was like something out of this world to watch. Fans almost needed to experience Born This Way and take it in for a couple of days before they were hit with the live Gaga version.

Lady Gaga gave Born This Way some Grammy drama with a musical break dedicated to her trustee piano that never seems to get left behind. This Grammy performance was in your face, artistic and simply fun all at the same time. Wait, isn’t that Lady Gaga in general?

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s live performance of Born This Way at the Grammy Awards? Check out the video and tell us. By the way, was everyone excited to see her win the Pop Vocal Album award during the telecast? What did you think of her shout-out to Whitney Houston?

Lady Gaga performs Born This Way at the Grammys

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