Valentine's Day book guide: A heartfelt read

Feb 14, 2011 at 9:37 a.m. ET

Laura Fitzgerald, author of Veil of Roses, steps back into the spotlight with her second novel, Dreaming in English.


Dreaming in English is the follow-up novel to Fitzgerald's hugely successful debut novel. With the same simple and elegant prose as her first novel, she delivers an incredible story about love, strength and faith.

Dreaming in English

Tamila Soroush came to the United States to stay with her sister and find the freedom she dreamed of. In Dreaming in English, Tami is flying back to Tucson after a whirlwind wedding with her new husband, Ike Hanson, marveling at the miraculous turn of events that will allow her to fulfill her dream of staying in the U.S. and start a new life with the man she loves. But Ike's family reacts to the news of their marriage with shock and disapproval. Ike and Tami's relationship with his family worsens when Ike's parents refuse to follow through on a loan Ike expected to receive from them to start his own business.

Tami's fragile sense of self-worth is continually trampled, especially when her earlier efforts to find a husband while on a visitor's visa come back to haunt her. Tami learns that the freedom she sought does not come without its own burdens and responsibilities. With her immigration interview looming ahead of her, Tami begins to wonder if she truly has the strength to stand up and fight for her American dream with Ike.

With compassion and wisdom, Fitzgerald's beautiful, heartfelt novel illuminates the complexities of cross-cultural love, the bonds of family and the power and responsibility that accompany freedom.

About the Author

A native of Wisconsin, Laura Fitzgerald lives in Arizona with her husband, who is of Iranian descent, and their two children. Her favorite part of being an author is interacting with readers and attending book clubs by phone or in person. To read more about Laura and her books, visit her website.

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