Jane Eyre clip starring Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska is Jane Eyre in director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s new adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte classic and we have an exclusive clip!

We first talked to Mia Wasikowska about the film, in theaters March 11, when we interviewed her for Alice in Wonderland and her excitement for the project was palpable. Wasikowska is the perfect choice to play the title character in the new film version of the story of a young girl finding herself in 19th century Britain.

Mia Wasikowska in Jane Eyre

The story follows Jane Eyre as she leaves behind her position as a governess at the palatial Thornfield estate. Jane is charged with watching over Adele, a young child being cared for by Edward Rochester (Michael Fassbender), the estate’s menacing head of the house.

Through the eyes of Mia Wasikowska, we witness Jane as the daunting size of the estate and the oppressive nature of Mr. Rochester drive her to run away.

As is the case for women of that time period, without prospects for marriage and a family to support her, Jane Eyre has nowhere to go. She is taken in by the clergyman, St. John Rivers (Jamie Bell), and his entire family. Jane is then allowed to look back on what she has gone through and try to figure out where her life needs to go next.

Audiences are then taken back to Jane at the age of ten. She is mistreated by her cruel aunt Mrs. Reed (Sally Hawkins) and then given up to live life as an orphan. Jane’s life continues to be challenging as she is treated harshly at the charity school known as Lowood. She befriends a fellow poor child, Helen Burns, who shows Jane that even when life is difficult, the little joys are what make it a blessing.

When Jane becomes a teenager, she arrives at Thornfield where she meets the estate’s housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax (Judi Dench), and the story has come full circle. As Jane moves forward in her life, she discovers herself and a love that will set her free.

Look for the film version with Wasikowska to enthrall a new generation of Jane Eyre fans as one of literature’s most adored stories gets a new, fresh take for the big screen.

Jane Eyre exclusive clip

It is with great honor that we present our exclusive clip from Jane Eyre entitled Is This How You Perceive Me? Thanks to Focus Features.


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