Jenny McCarthy dumps boyfriend

Feb 9, 2011 at 10:51 a.m. ET

Jenny McCarthy has already split from her sports agent boyfriend Paul Krepelka after a short two-month romance.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has been striking out in the love department ever since she broke up with Jim Carrey: First she split with model Jason Toohey in December, and now she's single again after breaking it off with Boston-based sports agent (think Jerry Maguire) Paul Krepelka.

So what was the problem this time? The age old issue of the long-distance relationship.

"The long-distance thing proved too much for them, and they just mutually decided that it wasn't going to work," a pal of Paul's told Life and Style.

"He didn't want to move to Los Angeles, and she certainly can't move to Boston. They're still friends; they just couldn't make it work."

Jenny and Paul had been set up by well-meaning friends on a blind date after Jenny decided she didn't trust her own taste in men anymore.

"I went on a few blind dates -- I didn't trust myself with picking guys anymore so I asked my friends to just set me up on lots of dates so I went on one after another and they were hilariously disastrous.

"They were so creepy and gross, they wanted me to get autographs from celebrities. You can't date a guy who also wants your autograph. You need someone who doesn't mind you without the make-up, with zits and bloatedness."

Who do you think Jenny McCarthy should date next?