Glee Valentine’s Day recap: Silly Love Songs

Think you’ve got problems in your romantic life? Try being the kids of Glee. Cupid found his way to Glee‘s McKinley High, giving the New Directions a very special Valentine’s Day with Silly Love Songs.

Glee glorifies love

Valentine’s Day can be the most romantic day of the year — and the most confusing if you’re on Glee.

Glee’s all-new episode, Silly Love Songs, featured Puck (Mark Salling) wooing Lauren, who is not the typical Puck hottie, and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) attempt at reeling Quinn (Dianna Agron) back in.

Oh, did we mention Kurt (Chris Colfer) got his signals crossed and thought he was Blaine’s (Darren Criss) secret crush?

That’s what happened on this week’s Glee dedicated to love.

Let’s take a look at what happened on the latest Glee!

Glee Silly Love Songs: Opposites attract

Love is in the air for Puck as he begins crushing on fellow glee clubber Lauren. We haven’t heard much from the character of Lauren, but we do remember Puck convinced her to join New Directions by giving her seven minutes of heaven — or we should say seven minutes of Puck. Lauren isn’t the normal slender trophy-girl Puck goes for. The best part is, she didn’t enjoy her first make-out session with him and now she’s making him work for a date. She’ll consider dinner at Breadsticks but she wants to be courted first.

Finn thinks he’s the king of the school because he won the championship game and believes he can have any girl he wants — but he doesn’t want any girl — he wants Quinn. His newfound fame makes him want to give back to the school. He decides to open a kissing booth and donate the proceeds to New Directions. Side note: He also thinks it will force Quinn to kiss him again. Santana (Naya Rivera) claims his kisses aren’t worth a dollar, which sends a ton of insults her way and into Brittany’s (Heather Morris) comforting arms.

Kurt and Blaine have two very different ideas of what Valentine’s Day means. Kurt believes it’s a gimmick but Blaine loves the holiday and even wants to surprise his secret crush with a serenade. After Blaine sweetly buys Kurt’s coffee, he starts to thinks he is Blaine’s crush. The crushing Warbler calls an emergency meeting to declare he’s in love. Blaine requests the Warblers’ help in serenading his secret crush off campus — at the Gap.

Mercedes encourages Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt to embrace their single status like all the great divas before them. Kurt reconciles with the fact that he isn’t Blaine’s crush after all.

Quinn calls Finn out on his kissing booth idea and he claims she wants to kiss him. Sam (Chord Overstreet) sees it all unfold and confronts Quinn. She claims she’s done nothing wrong but Sam wants to know why she won’t kiss Finn at the booth if it means nothing.

Rachel has her own ideas at the kissing booth but all she gets is a kiss on the cheek. Finn presents her with a star necklace he bought before they broke up at Christmas. He still believes in her just not them as a couple.

Glee Silly Love Songs: Singing in the Gap and mono

Santana buys a gift for herself, informing Puck he’ll give it to her on Valentine’s Day.

Glee rocks Valentine's Day on Silly Love Songs

She verbally insults Lauren, starting a fight Santana cannot win. Puck is so turned on, he eventually gets on his knees and asks Lauren to Breadsticks the night before Valentine’s because they’ll be too busy on Valentine’s Day to “eat anything.” Lauren stands Puck up. No matter, he makes out with a hot waitress.

Blaine takes Kurt to the Gap to show him Jeremiah — aka, the crush. The Warblers break out into song, scaring the poor Gap kid. Jeremiah blasts Blaine for getting him fired because of the little show — and no one knows he’s gay. You can see Blaine’s disappointment. Kurt is completely honest with Blaine, revealing he thought he was Blaine’s crush. Blaine admits he’s completely clueless as is Kurt. No one’s sure where this is going, but something has started.

Santana figures out what’s going on between Quinn and Finn so she does what Santana does best — revenge. She decides to contract mono, kiss Finn and expose Quinn and her indiscretions.

Quinn and Finn meet in the auditorium, agreeing to see what’s going on between them before they decide anything. Back in the glee room, Finn starts to feel sick, mono kind of sick. Quinn starts to feel sick too. Leave it to Santana to point out the coincidence. Quinn demands they can’t do anything more because Finn stares at both Rachel and her.

Puck doesn’t appreciate being stood up and tells Lauren he won’t hurt her. He wants her because she’s a bad ass like him. She wants a man, not a make-out buddy. We’ll see what happens there. Rachel tends to Finn and the two talk it out. Finn admits he saw fireworks when he kissed Quinn but he is still confused. She takes it as a sign to move on with a stunning rendition of Firework. Another couple we have to watch.

Rachel is joined by Mercedes, Tina and Mike at Breadsticks for the first annual Lonely Hearts Club Dinner with a special performance by Kurt and the Warblers. Sam and Santana also lurk in the background.

So, to wrap up Glee’s Silly Love Songs: Quinn, Sam, Finn and Rachel are a big question mark. The show’s newest couple, Puck and Lauren, is as well. Isn’t that how real love goes? Just one big question mark!