Dana Carvey hosts Saturday Night Live with a special Justin Bieber cameo

Feb 7, 2011 at 1:24 p.m. ET

Dana Carvey was back hosting Saturday Night Live this week and he brought along a few very special guests -- Justin Bieber and Mike Myers.

Saturday Night Live legend Dana Carvey returned to his old stomping ground to host and it was a Carvey-spectacular of excellence. The funnyman's famous Wayne's World sketch made a triumphant return with a special appearance by Carvey's good buddy Mike Myers. The two broke down Oscar nominations as only the party-time duo could. They're pulling for Winter's Bone for obvious reasons -- use your imagination.

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey on SNL

It was the Church Lady's Church Chat, however, that might have gotten the biggest surprise by a fever-inducing guest -- Justin Bieber. There was some buzz that JBiebs might show up on the SNL episode with Dana Carvey but you never can tell what's going to happen.

Dana Carvey's Church Lady began her special segment with the beloved Kardashian sisters played by Saturday Night Live cast members. Of course the Saturday Night Live Church Lady tried to wash the hedonism right out of the lovely ladies. But it was Justin Bieber's surprise cameo that gave her the vapors. The Church Lady prayed to her higher power for strength to resist the boyish face but she couldn't help herself -- she busted a move with Justin Bieber.

Check out the entire episode of Dana Carvey's visit to Saturday Night Live -- thanks NBC!

Dana Carvey on SNL: The complete episode!