Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge are Waiting for Forever

Feb 7, 2011 at 2:39 p.m. ET

Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge recently met SheKnows at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood to discuss their film Waiting for Forever. The story of two hearts and their journey to find love is unique in the boy-meets-girl storytelling lexicon.

Waiting for Forever is the story of two childhood friends and the different paths they take to adulthood and how their common background is what could unite them in love.

Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson in Waiting for Forever

Rachel Bilson has come a long way since her OC days. Since the primetime soap's sun set, she has carved out a film career that is equally as varied as it is exactly how she wants it with her performances in Jumper opposite Hayden Christensen, guest-starring turns on How I Met Your Mother and Chuck and small indie films such as New York, I Love You.

Tom Sturridge is a UK actor, whom we recently caught up with in London for Pirate Radio. His performance in Waiting for Forever should only further cement him as an up-and-comer with serious acting chops. His character in the film is childish and with good reason. The film establishes that his character's parents died in a train crash when he was nine years old and in many ways, that is where his emotional growth ceased.

Tom Sturridge

Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge video interview