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Lindsay Lohan jeweler disputes loaner story

The jeweler who claims Lindsay Lohan made off with a $2,500 necklace says the star’s claims she borrowed it with permission are bunk.

Lindsay Lohan

The owner of the jewelry store trying to prosecute Lindsay Lohan for theft says the star’s claims that the necklace was borrowed by her stylist by agreement with the shop are a farce.

The store owner told TMZ, “When we loan out jewelry, we have a whole procedure that needs to be done. There is paperwork that needs to be filled out and there needs to be insurance information given or credit card information in case something happens with the jewelry.”

That amounts to a lot of paperwork — paperwork that would be done either in the main shop in full view of the same video camera that caught Lindsay putting the necklace on, or in the back office where the camera would have caught Lindsay walking into.

The owner also says it is an extreme rarity for a celeb to come in and arrange a loan herself.

“The stylist will come in and ask to borrow the jewelry for a shoot or an event.”

Once again, this he-said-she-said may just come down to the video tape.

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