Miley Cyrus gets her fifth tattoo

Miley Cyrus continues to prove she Can’t Be Tamed, this time with her fifth tattoo and a nasty new habit. The actress was caught smoking while driving in LA and then showed off a mysterious, new tattoo on her ribcage.

Miley Cyrus

Growing up when the world still wants to see you as Hannah Montana ain’t easy, but Miley Cyrus has made a point of telling us that it’s happening, whether we’re ready or not, with overtly sexy styles and antics like her recent bong controversy.

Now, on the heels of taking the fifteenth spot in Billboard’s Top 25 Singers from 2000 to 2010 and amid rumors she’s dating So Undercover co-star Joshua Bowman, Cyrus was spotted sporting her fifth tattoo.

From the photos snapped by x17 on Wednesday, February 2, the tattoo appears to be a large dream catcher that spans her right ribcage.

Check out the pictures here of Miley Cyrus and her new tattoo.

Miley also caught smoking?

The new photos also caught Miley smoking a ciggie in her car. That’s perfectly legal, since Miley became an adult in November, but it’s not cool. More importantly, cigarettes are a killer on the lungs — and Miley relies on those to belt out her tunes and, well, breathe!

Miley doesn’t have to listen to us: She should take the advice of that “Just Breathe” tattoo she has over her left ribcage! Cyrus also has a “Love” tattoo on her ear and a heart on her pinky and a small cross on another finger.

Miley’s dream catcher tattoo

Wonder what this new tattoo is? It is of a large dream catcher over her torso!

“It’s a picture of the dream catcher that hangs over her bed with four feathers to represent her four brothers and sisters,” a friend tells People.

As anyone who has a tat will tell you, one thing they have in common with tobacco is that they’re addictive, in their own way.

Or perhaps we’ll find this new rib cage ink is just Cyrus in character. Her upcoming film LOL: Laughing Out Loud, due in theaters April 22, is about a wild child who loses her virginity, parties and shares kisses with two girlfriends. Perhaps the character also has a tattoo and Cyrus was doing some last minute post shooting yesterday… Ah, but we would have heard about that already.

With Miley-watch a staple of celeb gossip, her Undercover co-star Jeremy Piven (Entourage) recently spoke up for her.

“You know, you can judge her, but what were you doing when you were 18? She’s kind of amazing,” Piven said to sources, according to Perez Hilton. “There’s something so incredibly refreshing about someone who is exactly who they are. There’s nothing pretentious about her. She’s this force. She loves to laugh.”

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