Rihanna debuts new S&M video

Feb 1, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Rihanna is getting down and dirty in the new video for her hit single S&M. You don't want to miss Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, in her latest music video.


Rihanna has never been shy about bringing the meaning of her music to life in her videos. Her latest video for the hit single S&M is proof that the sizzling music sensation is not afraid to let it all hang out artistically.

Melina Matsoukas directed Rihanna's music video for S&M with a few targets in mind -- the media! It's a "press conference" gone wild in the video as Rihanna is pinned up against a wall with cellophane holding her in place while the press' mouths are kept shut with good old fashioned gags.

One very special media big mouth makes a cameo during the video for S&M that is quite fitting. Celebrity media gossip queen Perez Hilton dons a leash for Rihanna to walk him with -- like a dog!

As for the hot factor, Rihanna appears in a few smoking outfits that put a whole new meaning to the word sexy. It's whips, bedroom duds and more whips, for the Barbados-born singer. She's even pulled out the bold card and rocked the famous Playboy bunny ears -- and more for the new video.

As Rihanna says, "It's so good being bad." Yes, it is, Rihanna. Yes, it is. Check out Rihanna's new video for S&M and tell us if you think it's too hot to handle!

Rihanna S&M video