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Jill Kargman’s book of essays

Jill Kargman takes a moment away from her classic beach reads to release a compilation of hilarious essays about her life — and proves reality can be just as great as fiction.

Sometimes I Feel Like a NutNonfiction Vixen

Have you ever felt like you’re going a little crazy? Like your life is kookier than others?

Jill Kargman’s collection of essays and observations, Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, is a great read and complete therapy — a dose of humor and a dash of relief from any kind of isolated feelings you may have about the madness in your life.

In a quirky and untamable manner, Kargman divulges the most personal and hilarious moments of her life. The author of The Ex Mrs. Hedgefund and Wolves in Chic Clothing, Kargman does not fail to deliver in yet another tragically comedic book — now available in bookstores. With stick figure doodlings in the margins to guide you through the hilarity, you’ll be laughing out loud.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut

Jill Kargman is a mother, wife, and writer living the life in New York City, a life that includes camping out in a one-bedroom apartment with some unfortunate (and furry) roommates, battling the Momzillas of Manhattan, and coming to terms with her desire for gay men. In this entertaining collection of observations, Kargman offers her unique, wickedly funny perspective as she zips around Manhattan with three kids in tow.

Kargman tackles issues big and small with sharp wit and laugh-out-loud humor: Her love of the smell of gasoline, her new names for nail polishes, her adventures in New York City real estate, and her fear of mimes, clowns and other haunting things. Whether it’s surviving a family road trip or why she can’t stand Cirque du So Lame, living with a mommy vagina the size of the Holland Tunnel or surviving the hell that was her first job out of college, Kargman’s nutty self triumphs — thanks to a wonderfully wise outlook and sense of fun that allows her to make the best of everything that gets thrown her way. Kargman’s reflections and doodles are a refreshing voice in non-fiction.

Since we can’t get enough of this clever author, we know you’ll enjoy her too. Get even more personal with the author by checking out Jill Kargman’s Q&A with SheKnows or visit Jill Kargman’s website.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut review

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