Nowhere Boy: John Lennon before the Beatles

Jan 24, 2011 at 4:05 p.m. ET

Nowhere Boy gives audiences a look behind the man that became a legend, John Lennon. The film takes place in Liverpool, circa 1955, and offers a never-before-seen view of how John Lennon became a rock icon as a member of the Beatles.

The film commences with John Lennon as a slightly disturbed 15-year-old who is tired of his working class Liverpool surroundings and yearning for something more. As soon as he sees rock n' roll on the telly, Lennon's world completely changes. There is only one thing he wants now out of life: Music stardom.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney, before The Beatles

As Lennon fans enjoy the beginning of the life that would become iconic through the Beatles and beyond, Nowhere Boy paints a picture of a young man finding his way while two women vie for his affection.

Nowhere Boy stars Aaron Johnson as John Lennon in a portrayal that Entertainment Weekly called a "revelation." The film also stars Kristin Scott Thomas as Aunt Mimi, a firmly set-in-the-50s woman who watches over him, and Anne-Marie Duff as Lennon's mother.

Yearning for so much more than what Liverpool has to offer him, Lennon finds solace in music and also a kindred spirit -- Paul McCartney. As the pair becomes fast friends, viewers can see how after working together for a few years, these boys are destined for greatness.

And just as the Lennon-McCartney historical tandem begins its journey, tragedy strikes Lennon and through Nowhere Boy, we see a side of Lennon previously only talked about.

In our exclusive clip from the film, we give you a look at what life was like for Lennon in 1955. Narrated by Beatles historian Martin Lewis, the Beatles expert tells us why the initial meeting of Lennon and McCartney was so unique and how their pairing became a match made in music heaven, something that wasn't completely obvious when they first got together to make music.

Nowhere Boy exclusive clip