Paper Man clip starring Emma Stone

Jan 20, 2011 at 4:07 p.m. ET

Paper Man as a movie is a lot like life, it is equally inspirational, comedic and dramatic. Paper Man stars Jeff Daniels as a middle-aged less-than-successful author who has honestly never really grown up.

Emma Stone, coming off her incredible turn inEasy A and her new role in the Spider-Man reboot, stars as Abby -- a 17-year-old coming to terms with a tragedy that has completely overshadowed her life.

Paper Man starring Emma Stone

Both individuals are unsure of themselves and trying their best to move forward in their lives in the most positive of manners. Truly, each needs a compatriot to help them socially to the next step. Daniels' Richard has always relied on friends of the imaginary kind to help him through, including a superhero named Captain Excellent -- played by Ryan Reynolds.

Lisa Kudrow stars as Daniels' wife, who has compelled him to move beachside in Long Island in an effort to erase his writer's block and get his career on track.

It is in Long Island that Richard meets Abby and the two strike up the most unlikely of friendships. They bond over soup lunches and Richard discovers a fan of his writing in Abby. As the summer progresses, the two become more confident in their own selves and are cautiously optimistic about letting go of past tragedies and imaginary friends.

In our exclusive clip from Paper Man, SheKnows is proud to showcase a quirky scene featuring Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone as the pair meets at Richard's house when Stone shows up to babysit his "imaginary" baby that is part of his self-created world.

Paper Man exclusive clip