Modern Family and the ABC Wednesday comedy preview

Tonight’s Modern Family threatens to be a TMI (too much information) disaster. ABC Wednesday also promises Super Bowl fever on The Middle, kitty cat drama on Better with You and a sleepover on Cougar Town.

First, on The Middle: Super Sunday, Brick bones up on football to prepare for the Super Bowl and bond with Mike. With his little brother invading his territory, Axl can’t help but get upset. At work, Frankie’s (Patricia Heaton) picked to attend a managerial seminar with Mr. Ehlert, so her colleague Pete assumes she’s sleeping with the boss. Frankie stands up for herself, hoping this is a sign of big changes at work, but has to admit she’s not sure why she made the cut.

The Middle star Patricia Heaton

Meanwhile, Sue’s ex-boyfriend Brad turns to her as a last resort when he needs a partner for the school’s annual Square Dancing with the Stars. Sue is over the moon, but worried Brad might be trying to rekindle the romance. Frankie isn’t worried, since she’s clued in on the fact that Brad is most definitely gay, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Then on Better with You: Better with a Cat, Mia and Casey take in a stray, only to learn one of the saddest lessons of maternity: No cats allowed! When the pediatrician gives them the bad news, the rest of the clan steps up to adopt Mr. Meow-gi, but not without ulterior motives. They’re certain whoever takes in the cat will also earn the honor of being the baby’s guardian, so the competition is on: It’s Maddie and Ben versus Vicky and Joel!

Next, everyone gets Caught in the Act on Modern Family. Anxious to hit Vegas, Jay helps Gloria draft an email to his daughter, but he only makes things worse. Instead of quietly bowing out of the bake sale, they accidently send Claire a snarky email that calls her a “bossy control freak that looks down on my cupcakes even though your lemon squares were very dry.” While Gloria (Sofia Vergara) freaks out about the email, the Dunphy household goes into shock. Instead of surprising their parents with breakfast in bed, the kids catch Claire and Phil doing the deed. Phil and Luke aren’t too shaken up, but the girls are in a tizzy.

Modern Family

Mitch and Cam, meanwhile, are thrilled when the hot new restaurant in town opens up within walking distance from their house. The only problem? Getting a reservation! Hoping to jump the line, they set up a play date with restaurant owner and preschool mom Amelia, played by Rachael Harris (The Hangover, Best in Show). When something goes wrong during the date, the guys go into overdrive trying to hide their tracks.

Cougar Town, as always, gets the last Wednesday night laugh. In A Thing about You, the guys contend that women are not as loyal as men, but this week, everyone in the cul-de-sac crew has each other’s backs, even the girls. After Laurie-proofing her house, Jules (Courteney Cox) steps up and lets her girlfriend crash at her place. Laurie is one doozy of a houseguest, but during the sleepover, she teaches Jules an important lesson about being herself. When Travis hurts Bobby’s feelings by turning to Grayson for advice, Grayson comes up with a way to make it all better.

The laughs start tonight, Wednesday, January 19 at 8 pm on ABC. Then at 10, things take a turn for the more serious and soapy on Off the Map, with guest stars Cheech Marin and a 12-foot anaconda.

Modern Family preview clip


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