Jake Gyllenhaal brings ex Jenny Lewis to the Golden Globes

Jan 17, 2011 at 2:24 p.m. ET

Jake Gyllenhaal brought a date to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards -- and it wasn't who you think. Read on to find out about his interesting awards show date.

Jake Gyllenhaal brought a date to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, but it certainly wasn't his recent flame Taylor Swift.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jenny Lewis

Gyllenhaal walked the red carpet with Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis. Lewis and Gyllenhaal dated in 2001, and it appears that they're still friends.

Lewis' work with Rilo Kiley is widely respected, but she's not exactly a household name.

Jenny Lewis: Musician and actress

The 35-year-old Lewis has spent much of her life in the entertainment business – she made her on-screen debut in a Jell-O commercial and later appeared on Lucille Ball's short-lived Life with Lucy sitcom. She's also had small roles in shows like Roseanne, The Twilight Zone and Growing Pains. Her big-screen credits include films like Troop Beverly Hills.

Her acting career continued until about 1998, when she started to focus on music. She formed Rilo Kiley that same year. She's released five albums with the indie band, along with two solo records. Her latest album is a 2010 collaboration with boyfriend Johnathan Rice – billed as Jenny and Johnny – titled I'm Having Fun Now.

Lewis and Gyllenhaal: Friends and Exes

Lewis and Gyllenhaal have remained friends since their break-up – Gyllenhaal even brought former girlfriend Reese Witherspoon to see Lewis and Rilo Kiley at Coachella in 2009.

Does this mean they're back together? No. It appears that Gyllenhaal simply needed a date to the awards and Lewis fit the bill. They weren't photographed together, though Lewis was reportedly close by his side during the entire ceremony.

We think it's cute that these two can remain friends after dating. So, relax, Gyllenhaal fans – he doesn't have a new flame, yet.

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