Stevie Nicks announces tour with Rod Stewart

This morning on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, rockers Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart announced that they’re touring together.

Stevie Nicks

After not seeing each other for years, Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart have decided to spend a bit more time together. This morning, Stewart and Nicks announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that they would be heading out on tour.

The Heart & Soul 2011 North American Tour will kick off on March 20 in Fort Lauderdale and end in Los Angeles on April 16, making stops in 11 other cities.

Nicks told a story about how, many years ago at a party at Stewart’s house, she was wandering around with a glass of wine (Stewart says it was more than one glass) and found a room full of Tiffany lamps. She was about to go in but he stopped her. They really hadn’t seen much of each other since then.

Imagine the duets we’d have if they had. Stewart said he was really looking forward to hearing Nicks perform Leather & Lace and Landslide.

They said rehearsal hasn’t started yet, but they’re already deciding which songs to perform together. Leather & Lace is pretty much a given — it was originally a duet with Don Henley — but we want to know what other songs you’d like to hear the two sing together.

Are you excited for the tour? Let us know!

Stevie Nicks & Rod Stewart tour dates

March 20: Ft. Lauderdale
March 23: Tampa
March 24: Atlanta
March 26: New York
March 27: Uncasville
March 30: Boston
April 1: Montreal
April 2: Toronto
April 5: Philadelphia
April 9: Chicago
April 10: Detroit
April 15: Phoenix
April 16: Los Angeles


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