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Charlie Sheen’s wild weekend

Charlie Sheen had another wild weekend — this time with not one, but at least three different porn stars!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen didn’t learn his lesson from the mess he made at the Plaza a couple of months back. This time his debauchery brought him to Las Vegas where he upped the ante with even more porn stars, including one notorious for another scandal.

Charlie Sheen was seen partying at the Palms with Bree Olson, star of no less than 179 adult films, and none other than Michelle McGee — the Nazi mistress of Jesse James. The third porn star was not named.

There was quite a party in Charlie’s suite, which he was sharing with Olson after spending a nice chunk of time with her in her Midwest hometown and coming to Vegas for the AVN Awards. After she and McGee shared an onstage kiss during Pauly Shore’s stage show, sources say she invited the tattooed lady up to the suite to party — along with a gaggle of other gold diggers.

Witnesses also say Charlie was boozing it up in the hotel bar, ordering shot after shot of Grey Goose.

Ever the consummate professional, Sheen hired a private jet to whisk him back to LA Monday morning just in the nick of time to show up on the set of Two and a Half Men.

“He has the constitution of an ox,” a source told TMZ of Sheen. “He’s figured out a way of shutting down [the substance abuse] long enough so he can function normally when he has to. He’s a complete functioning addict.”

The hard-partying lifestyle may be catching up with his body, though. Another source says Sheen called in sick Wednesday, saying he was suffering from an ear infection. A Warner Bros. set doctor confirmed the issue and the actor is due back on set Thursday.

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