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A&E gets real about obesity with the debut of Heavy

A&E has tapped into a part of reality television that challenges our thoughts on real-life cause and effect with their new weight loss series Heavy.

Ashley before

A&E continues to challenge the reality television world day-after-day with fresh new programming and their brilliant new series Heavy, debuting January 17, is no exception.

Heavy strips away the television magic of weight loss until viewers are left with only a true and raw look at 22 individuals and their fight to stay healthy. The show follows them during a six-month period with two trainers, a psychologist and a nutritionist.

These courageous souls explore their relationship with food, loved ones and themselves to get to a place of understanding by spending one month in a controlled environment and five months on their own (collectively 2,440 pounds were shed).

As Tom, who began the journey at 638 pounds, said in the premiere episode, “Life is more than eating.”

Ashley afterHeavy will explore why these individuals have made their lives about food and what comfort it brings to them. It will get to the core of just how difficult it is to go it alone and why the beginning of the process is nothing compared to succeeding in the final stages.

A&E did not promise cash prizes or fame at the end of the journey on Heavy. Producers didn’t dangle trips in front of their faces or make them do insanely unrealistic competitions to get them to lose the weight. They simply promised them hope and quality of life. No winners, no losers, just life.

Losing weight is not glamorous and the team behind Heavy and its participants are fully aware of that. That’s why the weight loss candidates on the new series will not be pushed to unrealistic limits, only what is realistic to their everyday lives. That’s the key word — realistic.

Heavy preview clip!

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