Rebecca Mader dishes No Ordinary Family

Rebecca Mader is no stranger to working the supernatural on television. Mader is a veteran of the world of Lost and now she’s tackling a different kind of science fiction, the superhero kind, with her guest stint on No Ordinary Family.

No Ordinary Family is the freshman hit on ABC that stars Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis as the parents in a family who are coming to terms with their newly discovered superhero powers. Mader arrives on the scene as a human resources executive who finds herself thrown in the middle of the No Ordinary Family drama.

Rebecca Mader in No Ordinary Family

Mader is a product of the UK and arrived in the US to pursue her dreams of acting. She has appeared in numerous television programs and film projects that have only confirmed her decision to move to America to pursue her dreams.

Audiences first saw Mader on TV’s Third Watch, Fastlane and the soap All My Children. Her movie career spans several genres including Hitch with Will Smith, The Devil Wears Prada opposite Anne Hathaway and The Men Who Stare at Goats with George Clooney.

But it was her role on Lost as anthropologist Charlotte Lewis that forever endeared her to audiences. When the hit show needed to pump up the mystery (if that was even possible), Mader and her crew landed on the island and she instantly became a fan favorite.

Mader called SheKnows to talk about Lost and her career, as well as the magic of No Ordinary Family and why the show is becoming must-see-TV.

Rebecca Mader speaks

Rebecca Mader

SheKnows: The cast of No Ordinary Family is just incredible. When you’re going to tackle a scene say with somebody like Michael Chiklis, do you ever get nervous playing across someone so fierce?

Rebecca Mader: I’ve got to work with some amazing people over the years. When I’m in character, I’m not thinking, “Oh my God, I’m in a scene with Michael or even Meryl Streep.” I’m thinking, “Oh, I’m so-and-so talking to so-and-so.” I think if I got wrapped up in that I wouldn’t be in character. I’m very good at compartmentalizing and putting the person away from the character.

SheKnows: One thing that gets me when I’m watching the show is it looks like the actors are having a blast. I was curious if you found that the case when you walked on the set.

Rebecca Mader: I’m having fun when I’m actually shooting because I’m having fun playing this character. When we’re not shooting we’re also having a lot of fun [laughs]. It’s like that feeling when you’re at school. There’s just a lot of silliness. I’m such a fan of the silliness. Everyone’s got such a good sense of humor. I live to laugh and see people laugh and I’m having a really good time.

No Ordinary Mader

SheKnows: People saw you on Lost — not a lot of opportunity to be funny on that show. Is it kind of nice to work on a show that’s a little lighter?

Rebecca Mader: Yeah, I don’t want to give anything away. It’s not a comedy. But, it’s funny because I always play very serious, intense, strong people and that’s so not who I am [laughs]. When people meet me, they’re like, “You’re insane. You’re really silly and loud.” I go, “I know!” I’m not like my character on Lost!

SheKnows: What do you think the secret to No Ordinary Family’s success is?

Rebecca Mader

Rebecca Mader: I think obviously the cast is made of really strong people, like heavy hitters, like big talent on the show, recognizable faces. I think the production value of the show is really high. When I first started watching it, I felt like I was watching an expensive studio movie as opposed to a TV show. The quality is really high, oh, and the visual effects obviously I love that. I love stuff like that, I love superhero sci-fi type shows. With him [Chiklis] — the way that he jumps up in the air — the way that people’s powers have gone, it’s amazing. The special effects people on the show are amazing.

SheKnows: I don’t want to give away too much but can you tell me a little about your character and what appealed to you about capturing this particular role in this particular show.

Rebecca Mader: My character is Victoria. Basically, when I arrive, I reveal that I’m the VP of Human Resources at Global Tech. It’s all very mysterious and alluring.

Rebecca gets Lost

SheKnows: It also sounds like your character kind of lands on the scene to give us some new insight into where the show’s going, in a way.
Rebecca Mader: It’s what I do best. That’s why they hire me.

SheKnows: Yes, I guess you could say that on Lost too. It kind of came into focus when you walked on.

Rebecca Mader: I think it’s the red hair.

SheKnows: Yes, it is. As an actress you have done quite a lot over the years. How does it resonate for you to be thought of as the redhead from Lost, or even just to be associated with that show?

Rebecca Mader on Lost

Rebecca Mader: It’s been such a long battle and a struggle in my career and I’ve really taken a long time to get where I am. I’m not going to get a violin out for myself that I’m getting recognized for something huge. It’s every actor’s dream to be on a hit TV show. It’s not a bad thing. Once again on the flip side, I’m excited to be on No Ordinary Family because people will get to see me as something else. I’m playing somebody different. So that’s fantastic too. I don’t hate being called the redhead from Lost but I would like to be called Rebecca Mader. I’m just excited because things keep getting better and better and I’m moving on to better shows and other stuff. It’s been a long journey but I love what I do.