Photos: Owen Wilson’s baby mama Jade Duell

Everyone was shocked when the news broke that Owen Wilson would be a father with girlfriend Jade Duell. Who is this mystery woman, Jade Duell?

Owen Wilson has been dating Jade Duell under the radar for more than a year — yet has rarely been spotted out with her. He has never walked the red carpet with her and has not been snapped by paparazzi hanging out in LA with her either. When they made the announcement that they were “happy to be expecting a baby” and that Wilson is “very excited and involved with the pregnancy” — everyone couldn’t help but wonder who this mystery gal was and why we have never seen her. Photos of Jade Duell and Owen Wilson swimming together in Hawaii have finally emerged.

Wilson was photographed swimming with a dark-haired woman, reportedly Duell, in Hawaii in December 2009. Even though he has been linked with high profile actresses in the past, like Kate Hudson and Rachel McAdams, it seems he has found love with someone out of the Hollywood spotlight.

Owen Wilson and Jade Duell

The 42-year-old Little Fockers star is gearing up to be a dad by “doing research and learning as much as he can. He’s super into it and asks a lot of questions to make sure he knows what’s going on every step of the way.”

Duell is reportedly not early in her pregnancy, but is “due any day,” said Wilson’s publicist! So how did Wilson keep this a secret? She is reportedly living in Hawaii and plans on giving birth there, so living away from the Hollywood spotlight has undoubtedly helped them keep the pregnancy under wraps.

Owen Wilson and Jade Duell

After an alleged suicide attempt in 2007 from overdosing on painkillers, Wilson seems to have turned his life around with a hit movie on his hands (Little Fockers) and a new baby.

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